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$9,263,326 Jury Verdict for Client with Spinal Nerve Damage After Car Accident

Our client was a passenger in a New York City yellow cab, which was involved in a multi-vehicle rear-end collision. As a result of the collision, he sustained serious nerve damage to his lumbar spine which required a laminotomy and facetectomy. The case was brought before a Brooklyn jury, and our attorneys obtained future pain and suffering, past and future lost wages, and future medical expenses for our client. He was awarded $9,263,326..

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Court and County
Supreme Court of Kings County, New York

Age and Occupation of the Client
Our client was a 52 year old banquet waiter at Tavern on the Green at the time of the accident. He was 56 years of age at the time of the verdict.

Description of Case
Our client was sitting in the rear of a Yellow Taxi involved in a 3-car collision. Another taxi rear-ended the taxi in which the client was a passenger and his taxi rear ended the car in front of it. The case was tried before a Brooklyn jury. The jury determined both taxi cabs were at fault and the first vehicle was not at fault.

Our client suffered severe nerve damage to his lumbar spine and meniscal injuries to his left knee. He had knee surgery and back surgery and was disabled from his job as a banquet waiter. The jury returned a verdict in the sum of $9,263,326 as follows: Past Pain & Suffering: $1,000,000 Past Lost Wages: 150,000 Future Pain & Suffering: 5,000,000 Future Medical Expenses: 2,339,027 Future Loss of Earnings: 774,299

Radiculopathy and Lumbar nerve damage requiring a 2 level laminotomy, facetectomy; Medial and lateral meniscal tears, femoral osteochondral damage to the left knee, cervical disc herniation.

Verdict Amount

Partner Jeffrey A. Block handled this case.

Our client settled with the lead vehicle for a high/low of $250,000/$1,000,000 immediately before the jury rendered the liability verdict. The jury found the lead vehicle was not negligent. Accordingly, our client received $250,000 from the non-negligent lead vehicle.

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