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$12,000,000 Settlement for Child Hurt in Car Accident ($71,643,000 Anticipated Payout)

A child was standing on the sidewalk when two cars collided within the intersection causing one of them to jump the sidewalk and hit him. The two vehicles were a Chrysler and an Audi. The Chrysler driver claimed he entered the intersection against a yellow traffic light. The Audi driver claimed that he was traveling at 22 mph and that the Chrysler entered against a steady red light causing the accident.

Our firm’s accident reconstruction engineer was able to scientifically prove that the Audi was traveling at 38.5 mph at the time of the impact, thus contributing to the cause of this accident. This evidence was crucial in proving the Audi’s liability.

Court and County
Supreme Kings

Age and Occupation of Plaintiff
Our client was 5 years old at the time of this accident and 8 at the time of settlement.

The client sustained the following injuries: 1. Right femoral leg fracture; 2. Right tibia fibula fracture; 3. Left tibia fibula fracture; 4. Fracture to the left distal femoral growth plate; 5. Fracture to the left tibial condyle and growth plate; 6. Left humeral fracture; 7. Multiple pelvic fractures; 8. Perforated posterior and anterior gastric walls; 9. Perforated duodenum; 10. Lacerated liver; 11. Avulsed gastrocnemius muscle; 12. Degloving of the left calf; and 13. Damage to the popliteal artery requiring surgical repair.

Expected Payout

Note: $71,643,000 is the expected payout of Plaintiff’s structured settlement annuity based upon a $12,000,000 settlement. This case settled prior to jury selection.

This case was handled by Partners Jeffrey Block and Daniel O’Toole.

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