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Resources for New York Motorcycle Riders

Top Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Enjoy the sense of freedom on two wheels and keep safe with these top motorcycle safety tips:

1. Wear Proper Equipment
The right gloves, boots, and helmet can go a long way in preventing brain damage and other major injuries. Wear only DOT-approved helmets, a helmet visor or googles, and protective clothing.

2. Be Visible to Other Drivers
The top reason for motorcycle and other vehicle collisions is failure of the vehicle driver to see the motorcyclist. Yet, when accidents happen, the motorcyclist is much more likely to suffer severe injuries. While riding, avoid the vehicle driver’s blind spots and wear highly-visible clothing that allows you to stand out on the road. Be even more careful around trucks and other big vehicles. Riding beside them makes you less visible to other drivers and a truck-motorcycle collision is more likely to result in catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist.

3. Avoid Bad Weather and Road Hazards
Bad weather conditions contribute to lower visibility and slippery roads. Whenever possible, avoid operating a motorcycle in poor weather conditions. Gravel, sand, bumps, potholes, and construction debris can also cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle. Keep a lookout for road hazards and avoid them whenever possible.

4. Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition
Before riding, check for any loose bolts, leaks, and other signs that can be indicative of greater mechanical issues. Additionally, perform regular maintenance on your motorcycle to prevent accidents from happening on the road.

Organizations Promoting Motorcycle Safety and Crash Prevention

For more safe riding resources, please visit the following websites:

American Motorcyclists Association
The AMA seeks to protect and promote the interests of motorcycle riders. The website includes a database of motorcycle laws for each individual state, making it easy for motorcyclists to plan a trip out of state . The association also offers 24-hour roadside assistance to its members.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
This nonprofit organization seeks to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from crashes on the nation’s highways by conducting scientific studies on insurance data. The site also includes research reports on motorcycle riding in the United States.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Learn more about this motorcyclists’ rights organization which monitors federal laws regarding street riders. The foundation works with State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organizations to assist with local agendas to improve motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Obtain a comprehensive look at motorcycle safety today and future steps to prevent motorcycle accidents.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Examine crash statistics and articles regarding motorcycle collisions, product safety, and passenger safety.

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