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Pursuing justice after motor vehicle accident in New York

Being involved in a New York car accident caused by a negligent driver is emotionally traumatic. When a physical injury is suffered in a motor vehicle accident, the devastation of the situation is intensified. In worst cases, families may suffer the untimely deaths of loved ones because of reckless or distracted drivers.

Recovering accident victims often face financial difficulties when medical bills and other accident-related expenses start piling up. Depending on the severity of an injury, long-term medical treatment and living assistance may be needed during recovery. This type of care is quite expensive, and an accident victim may not be prepared to meet the cost.

Filing a personal injury claim against a driver deemed responsible for an accident is one way to pursue justice under the circumstances. An attorney can help an injured victim determine the maximum amount of compensation that may be available. It is also often possible to enlist the aid of expert witnesses to add testimonies that can help substantiate a claim in court.

The attorneys at Block, O’Toole & Murphy have successfully assisted many New York clients in obtaining favorable results in motor vehicle accident claims. We are also prepared to address the needs of those injured in situations unrelated to motor vehicles but still caused by the negligence of another party. If you are in need of a free consultation and would like to discuss the options available for your particular situation, you may contact us via the online contact form accessible on our website or by calling our office to arrange an appointment.