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Huge Brooklyn Collision Injures As Many as 25 People

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

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There was a frightening collision in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn yesterday. 25 people were injured and 3 of those remain in very critical condition. The attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy are following it and bring you the details below.

The harrowing crash involved 3 different vehicles. A BMW was traveling southbound on Utica Avenue when it collided with a Nissan Altima that was coming out of a nearby parking lot. The BMW was then propelled into the path of a city bus, the B46. The front of the bus forcefully crashed into the BMW, causing the steel of the car to crumple. Photographs of the crash illustrate just how forceful and terrifying this collision must have been.

There were 4 people in the BMW. They are being treated at Kings County Hospital and 3 of them are listed in critical condition. While the specifics of their injuries are not known it sounds like there is a real concern that they could be fatal. The driver of the Nissan was injured but her ailments appear to be non-life threatening. The driver of the bus as well as many of the passengers were injured and are currently undergoing treatment. It appears that these injuries are also not life threatening.

Too many people become statistics after violent collisions with large buses. Bus accidents can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. A person’s life can be dramatically altered in a split second. Traffic fatalities usually are the ones that grabb the headlines and the most attention. Still, non-fatal injuries can have a very significant impact on a person’s life.

Questions will inevitably surface, no matter how serious the injuries appear. Will I be able to return to work? How can I afford to pay my medical bills? Will be’s injuries linger and change my outlook on life, my happiness? How will this effect me as I age? These are valid questions pondered by most people in serious accidents.

Crashes in New York City remain a problem. That is why there is such an intense focus on educating the public about safe driving. Whenever there is a collision like this one that involves a bus, the stakes become higher because of the force and the impact that a bus delivers when it crashes into another vehicle or pedestrian.

We must all remain vigilant and try to keep our streets free from violent crashes. Make no mistake about it — if you have been in a serious crash you are well served by hiring an accomplished attorney who is experienced in handling significant injury cases to protect you.

The attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy have been helping victims of serious collisions for decades. The lawyers at this firm have a track record of success that you can rely on, including recovering more than $800 million in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

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