New York Construction Accident Causes

Accidents on construction sites cause thousands of workplace injuries in the United States each year. Although the Occupational Health & Safety Administration has developed safety standards in order to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries to construction workers, some negligent contractors, subcontractors, and developers fail to comply with these guidelines and put their employees at risk. The on the job hazards faced by construction workers vary according to several factors, such as the work environment, the type of construction equipment used by the worker, and the specific tasks performed by the worker.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

There are countless unsafe practices and conditions that can lead to construction site accidents and injuries, but listed below are some of the most common:

  • Lack of safety training for workers
  • Failure to wear proper safety equipment (such as helmets and safety harnesses)
  • Failure to create an accident prevention program
  • Failure to enforce safety practices
  • Failure to provide appropriate safety equipment
  • Employers and site supervisors trying to meet timing deadlines and imposing unsafe conditions on workers to accomplish this
  • Construction equipment malfunction or failure
  • Improper maintenance of tools and materials
  • Equipment design or manufacturing defects
  • Equipment left on the ground instead of being stored correctly (creates a trip and fall hazard)
  • Poor construction site management
  • Insufficient construction planning
  • Falling debris or dropped objects striking workers below
  • Holes in flooring
  • Trench cave in
  • Improper scaffolding construction
  • Accidental exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Improper use of explosive devices

Although it is virtually impossible for any construction site to be completely FREE of health and safety risks due to the nature of the industry, employers have an obligation to follow safety regulations and reduce workplace hazards to the greatest extent possible. In some cases, safety rules are ignored in order to maximize profits, often with tragic results. Construction workers should be trained to recognize hazards, as well as how to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury before an accident occurs. One mistake can lead to severe injuries or fatalities, so safety should be the top priority on every job site.

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