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New York Crush Injury Attorney

A crush injury may result in a permanent disability for a construction worker. Crush injuries can affect virtually any part of a worker’s body, such as the hand, foot, or torso. A crush injury may be caused by a machine malfunction, a fallen boom crane, dropped containers or equipment, a trench cave-in, collapse of a roof or building, or a heavy machinery accident. For example, if a forklift is overloaded and tips over, the forklift driver may be crushed.

Did You Suffer A Serious Injury After Being Crushed?

Crush injuries can have a wide range of serious effects, including fractures, internal injuries, head and brain injuries, and back injuries. In some cases, a crush injury may result in amputation and permanent disability for the affected worker. These individuals may be able to help pay for medical bills, lost wages from their time out of work, and other damages by filing a New York construction accident lawsuit. To learn more, call Block O’Toole & Murphy at 212-736-5300 or complete our online form.

Negligence and Crush Injuries

The conditions that lead to a crush injury may be due to the negligence of a property owner, general contractor, construction company owner, or other third party failing to follow the necessary and appropriate regulations for safety. Protocols established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the necessary training to ensure that workers know how to operate the equipment they are required to use, and supervision of the jobsite must all be implemented to keep employees out of harm’s way. Without these elements, liability for the resulting injuries may be placed on those responsible for handling jobsite safety. A New York accident attorney can investigate the site of the accident and the applicable laws and regulations to determine whether or not a third party was liable for your injuries.

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