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Holes in Construction Floors in New York Accident Lawyer

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At nearly any construction site, holes in the floor are a necessary part of the construction process. They may be temporary, such as openings that exist because the floor is still unfinished, or they may be permanent, such as openings for stairways. Regardless of why the hole exists, it is vital that workers and their supervisors take careful measures to prevent persons or objects from falling through the gap. Holes at a construction site represent a major hazard for workers.

To prevent accidents and fatalities, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require floor and wall openings to meet the following standards, among others:

    1. Floor openings of 12 inches or more must be guarded by a secured cover, a guardrail or the equivalent on all sides (except at entrances to stairways).
    2. Toeboards must be installed around the edges of permanent floor openings (where persons may pass below the opening).

Sadly, not all construction sites adhere to these safety regulations and the workers are the ones who feel the impact of this. If you were injured because of an unsafe hole at a construction site in New York, Block O’Toole & Murphy is here to help.

Our New York construction accident lawyers have successfully represented numerous union workers, journeymen, day laborers and many other injured individuals, obtaining more than $1.5 billion* for our clients.

Our attorneys are also highly knowledgeable about New York’s Labor Law and the potential liability contractors and owners face when their workers are injured on the job. We can help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injury-related losses.

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