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Dangerous Construction Equipment

Construction Machinery Should Only Be Operated by Qualified Personnel

Dangerous construction equipment is one of the many causes of construction accidents. Cranes, backhoes, nail guns and bulldozers put construction workers at risk for serious and debilitating injuries that may prevent them from ever returning to work. If you have been hurt on the job because of dangerous or defective construction machinery, fill out our FREE case evaluation form today.

Manufacturers of construction equipment have an obligation to ensure their products are safe. They must properly test the machinery or tool, check for defects and include safety warnings along with their equipment. Unfortunately, constructions accidents still occur from dangerous or defective equipment. Some common types of defective machinery include:

  • Derricks: Derricks are large and complex lifting devices often used in oil fields and dockyards. Derricks are inherently dangerous, but can become even more hazardous without proper maintenance. Poorly designed derricks can lead to serious injuries, which can prevent a construction worker from ever returning to work.
  • Hoists: Hoists allow construction workers to easily raise and lower loads onto precise locations. Unfortunately, any defect in the chain or pulley can result in serious injuries or even death.
  • Bulldozers: Bulldozers are used to move large piles of dirt and rocks, remove trees and level uneven ground or soil. Wide body structures and powerful tracks make bulldozers the perfect tool for clearing and demolition. Unfortunately, these powerful machines also put the driver and nearby employees at risk for construction injuries. Defective bulldozers can lead to fall-outs, crushing and electrical malfunctions.

Other defective construction equipment can include:

  • Nails guns with improper locks
  • Forklifts equipped with defective brakes or improper guards
  • Ladders with loose rungs
  • Fall protective gear with defective latches

If you or a loved one was injured from defective construction equipment, you may be eligible for a construction accident lawsuit. Fill out our FREE case evaluation form to speak with a construction accident attorney today.

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