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New York Falling Object Injury Lawyer

Representing Workers Injured by Falling Debris, Dropped Tools and More

Under New York law, construction site workers who suffer injuries as a result of falls, falling objects and other gravity-related accidents are granted special protection and advantages during litigation. This is because these kinds of job site hazards are some of the most dangerous.

When a heavy steel beam, a slab of sheet rock or other weighty object is suspended from a crane, for instance, one small mistake can mean death or serious injury to the worker below. Unfortunately, New York has seen its share of recent fatal crane accidents. Even a small object, such as a drill or wrench, can become a deadly projectile when dropped from a certain height.

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Examples of Our Falling Object Cases

The New York falling object injury attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy have an impressive track record of success in construction accident cases*. Our results include:

For a complete list of the successful results Block O’Toole & Murphy has obtained for clients, please visit our Verdicts & Settlements page.

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