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New York Meniscal Tears Injury Lawyer

Meniscal tears can cause pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee.

A meniscal tear is a common knee injury found among New York construction workers. A meniscal tear often occurs when an individual twists or turns too quickly while the knee is bent and the foot is planted. While most meniscal tears occur in the elderly, construction workers can develop this injury by lifting heavy objects.

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What is a Meniscal Tear?

A meniscal tear, also known as torn cartilage, involves the disc that cushions the knee. Each knee has a meniscus on the outer and inner edges of the knee. The purpose of the meniscus is to keep the knee steady by properly balancing the weight across the knee. When a meniscus is torn, the knee does not function properly.

Meniscal tears can range from minor to severe. Minor tears typically cause slight pain and swelling that goes away in two or three weeks. Moderate tears typically result in the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the knee
  • Swelling that worsens over two or three days
  • Stiffness of the knee
  • Limited ability to bend the knee
  • Sharp pain upon twisting the knee

Consequences of a Meniscal Tear

The most severe meniscal tears will cause a wobbly feeling in the knee; swelling and stiffness in the knee; difficulty straightening the knee; and a catching, popping or locking of the knee.

If you have developed a meniscal tear on the job, you may need physical therapy or surgery to repair the meniscus or remove a portion of it. Unfortunately, this can lead to expensive medical bills and time away from work, which can put a strain on your financial security.

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