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Several parties may be liable for your construction injury, such as contractors and building owners.

When negligence on the part of an individual or a company contributes to a serious injury on a construction site, the injury victim may be able to sue the negligent party in order to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages. Construction workers have a right to a workplace that FREE from hazards. It is the job of their employers and the job site owners to make sure that their working conditions are safe and in accordance with state and federal safety laws, including OSHA regulations and New York State Labor Law Section 200, 240, and 241.

Possible Lawsuit Targets

When a New York construction worker suffers an on-the-job injury, there are a number of different parties that may be found liable for his or her injuries. If a construction accident was caused by a defective product, such as a malfunctioning nail gun, the equipment manufacturer may be found liable for the victim’s injuries. Other potentially liable parties in a New York construction accident case may include:

  • Construction site owners
  • Contractors
  • Building or property owners
  • Architects
  • Construction management companies

If you have been injured in a construction site accident, a construction accident lawyer from Block O’Toole & Murphy can investigate your case and determine who is liable for your injuries. We will explore all of your legal options and will do everything in our power to reach a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf. Complete the Free Case Evaluation form now to learn more about how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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