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Injuries From Workplace Accidents in the Construction Industry

Construction is a high risk industry with numerous job site hazards that have the potential to cause serious injuries. All New York construction workers are at risk every day while on the job, and hundreds are injured each year in construction accidents. Catastrophic construction accident injuries can be devastating to a worker and his family. A construction accident can lead to life-altering conditions, such as paralysis or amputation.

Seriously Injured in a Construction Accident?

Construction work usually requires heavy lifting and strength, so serious injuries often mean the loss of career for the victim. Even minor injuries can prevent workers from being able to support themselves and their families during the recovery period.

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The type of injury that a construction worker suffers can vary depending on the type of work being performed and the circumstances surrounding the accident. Although some construction site hazards are unavoidable, the risk of injuries on construction sites can often be minimized if proper safety procedures are followed. Although codes and regulations are put in place in order to protect construction workers from the dangers they face on the job, some employers choose to ignore them. As a result, workers suffer tragic construction injuries that likely could have been avoided.

Common Construction Injuries in New York

Listed below are common types of construction injuries:

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