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6 Workers Injured in Crown Heights Roof Collapse – Stop Orders Issued

Six construction workers were injured – four of them seriously – in an alarming roof collapse on Tuesday October 17, 2018. The incident occurred inside a brownstone located at 1294 Park Place, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn at around 9:45 a.m., according to FDNY officials who responded to the scene.

According to AM New York, workers were loading cement blocks onto the roof when the roof collapsed into the basement. Six construction workers were working on the second floor at the time, and they ended up trapped underneath the rubble. FDNY later pulled them out.

The 6 workers were rushed to Kings County Hospital where they are being treated for their injuries. There were few details about their situation, except that four were listed in serious condition. We wish them all a full recovery after this unfortunate incident.

It’s disappointing that yet again, preliminary reports suggest that the accident was a preventable one. Soon after the incident, NYC Department of Buildings launched an investigation into the structural stability of the building. What they found made them issue immediate stop orders for the building and an adjacent house 1296 Park Place. According to reports, multiple violations were expected to be issued at the construction site where the roof collapse occurred.

It is unclear what violations DOB found, as there are a number of indicators that can signal a potential roof collapse and structural failure. Some potential signs include:

  • Sagging or bending in the roof
    If the roof was showing stress prior to the cement blocks being loaded on it, it would be a warning that its structural integrity was in danger.
  • Cracks in Masonry
    Cracks showing up in exterior or interior walls signal potentially serious structural stress. If there are cracks in the masonry, it’s best to get an inspection of the property as soon as possible.
  • Rain or Snow Damage
    The building’s structural integrity may be compromised by weather damage, which is why it’s essential to conduct regular roof inspections if you suspect that recent weather conditions may have damaged the roof.

More details are needed to determine what violations led to the partial building collapse that injured the 6 workers. However, initial reports suggest that the employers were negligent in maintaining the structure of the building, which ultimately caused the roof to collapse in. The building is still considered a danger to the public, as ten residents from neighboring buildings have been displaced from their homes for the time-being.

The accident comes in the wake of a recent push in New York City for an increase in the safety training issued to workers on construction sites. Unfortunately, these types of construction accidents are not uncommon. In recent months alone, multiple construction workers have been severely injured – some fatally – on construction sites across New York City. Due to the use of hazardous materials and the nature of the work, construction sites are inherently dangerous for crews at the location.

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  • $10,875,000 recovery for a Brooklyn worker who was injured while working on the rooftop of a building
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