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Construction Accident Attorneys Applaud OSHA Rule

The Construction Accident Attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy welcome an about-to-be implemented OSHA rule leading to transparency concerning workplace injuries. The new rule will require companies in the construction industry, as well as other dangerous occupations, to submit statistics on workplace injuries to the Federal Government. The Federal Government will then make this information available on a public website. The rule is motivated by the belief that making injury data available to the public will cause employers to place a greater emphasis on worksite safety.

David Michaels, the official in charge at OSHA, believes the regulation will improve safety because companies will want to avoid being known as a dangerous employer. In essence, the rule will aim to shame bad actors into improving their commitment to safety.

The new rule will begin in July 2017. Some may wonder who will be interested in the statistics. Time will tell but there seem to be some obvious candidates. Potential employees evaluating whether certain employers are viable options to obtain employment will likely be interested in the data. Researchers, safety groups, Insurance companies and attorneys may want to access the records for their own reasons.

As worker safety advocates we hope this regulation weeds to another positive development. Contracts to work for municipal agencies have historically been awarded without any regard to worker safety and the potential for accidents given who the employer is. Perhaps these statistics will lead politicians to mandate new laws that municipal contracts will only be awarded to employers who boast a sterling safety record. In the alternative, perhaps municipal officials will take the lead and hold themselves to the standard that only safe employers will get municipal work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that over 3 million workers every year are hurt on the job. Worker safety needs to become a greater priority in our country. Shining a light on those who fail to embrace making worksites safer will only help in that cause.

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