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Construction Workers Continue to Face Danger at World Trade Center Site

Block O’Toole & Murphy, the New York City law firm, has been on the front line praising New York when its construction safety record warranted it. We have also been among the masses prepared to levy criticism at those who deserved it when senseless construction accidents occur.

Why? The consequences of an unsafe construction site are usually serious physical injury or death. This is serious stuff.

Recently, many pundits have applauded the safety statistics of New York. Too many people now seem willing to compromise worker safety after a brief stretch where the construction industry appears to have been on the right track. This is particularly dangerous as New York embarks upon an unprecedented stretch of massive construction projects throughout the state. Safety must remain paramount.

A recent New York Daily News investigative piece crystallizes how we have a long way to go when it comes to worker safety. The article’s release coincides with the opening of 1 World Trade Center, a building commonly known as the Freedom Tower. The article illuminates some of the ugly realities that remain part of New York’s construction industry.

It should not go unmentioned that if the type of things that are described in this article are taking place at one of the largest construction sites in the world. One can only imagine what is happening at a non-union job where workers are doing a storefront renovation on a quiet block in Queens, just to raise a comparison.

The article describes some very troubling concerns.

They include:

  • 2 jobsite deaths
  • 34 serious injuries at the site that were not reported to OSHA.
  • Workers who sustained life altering injuries such as spinal fractures broken limbs and hips and these accidents were not revealed to OSHA
  • An injury rate that exceeded the New York State and national averages for construction workers

The News’ investigation uncovered more than 80 incidents involving dangerous work conditions at the site. 42 of these resulted in a worker falling from a dangerous height. Another 18 workers and a civilian who was passing by the site were injured by falling objects. There were also accounts of faulty equipment, like power saws and hoists, that the report detailed. Particularly troubling, the report highlights a willingness to shield OSHA from some of the senseless worksite accidents. It demonstrates that those who are in charge of safety at a job site may place their own interests above the workers and their safety. If they are willing to flaunt federal authority and regulations, what do you think they are not comfortable doing?

The most poignant component of the story was how the lives of hard-working women and men and their families were affected by the dangerous work conditions. Again, the question must be asked, if these conditions exist at a high profile site like the World Trade Center, what are the conditions at a less noteworthy jobsite like?

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