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Feds Continue Investigation into Harlem Explosion

The attorneys at the New York City law firm of Block O’Toole & Murphy continue to follow the federal investigation into the gas explosion that destroyed two residential East Harlem buildings. Our coverage continues below.

The investigation into the gas explosion that rocked the East Harlem section of Manhattan is in full swing. The gas explosion, which occurred nearly three weeks ago, killed 8 innocent people and caused personal injury to countless others. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is conducting the investigation. Initially, the NTSB reported that their investigation had revealed at least one leak in the gas main running beneath Park Avenue between 116th and 117th Streets. Now, new evidence is surfacing that there was more than one gas leak.

In fact, according to an article in the New York Post, the NTSB revealed Monday that there were actually several holes from which gas had been escaping and saturating the soil for a period of time before the March 12 explosion. The critics of residents that claimed the smell of gas permeated the neighborhood have gone silent. Clearly those complaints had merit and these leaks may have been the cause of this devastating explosion.

Now what? While the on-site investigation has concluded, NTSB officials are prepared to dig deeper for answers. They plan on returning to their headquarters in Washington, D.C. to continue their search for the truth. Reportedly, they are armed with several pieces of pipe that they hope will reveal the cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile, the loved ones of the victims and those victims whose lives have been dramatically altered wait for explanations. Their lives are in upheaval and the stress that they continue to endure must be unbearable. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them. Let’s hope they get the answers that they are entitled to and the conclusion of the investigation provides them some semblance of closure.

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