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Gilboa Dam Rig Overturns, Operator Injured

A construction rig overturned at a site near the Gilboa Dam in upstate New York, injuring the operator, according to CBS 6 Albany. The operator was taken to Cobleskill Regional Hospital for evaluation and treatment. It has been reported that the driver of the machinery was walking around prior to being taken to the hospital, and it is believed that his injuries are not serious.

The Gilboa Dam is run by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. The dam has been under a $350 million renovation after a report in 2006 said that the dam did not meet current structural requirements. This accident will reportedly not slow down that process. According to the Times Union, the dam impounds the Schoharie Reservoir and provides drinking water to New York City.

Regrettably, construction accidents are not entirely uncommon. In some cases, the fault for these accidents resides with the construction company, owner of the construction site, or contractor. In these cases, these entities may allow for potentially horrific consequences through safety regulation violations, negligence, defective materials, lack of safety equipment, badly maintained equipment, lack of quality supervision, improper signage, lack of safety training, and other factors.

If an individual is injured in a construction accident, they may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been injured working at or as a bystander at a construction site, contact an experienced New York construction accident attorney to find out if you have legal recourse.


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