Saws and cutting blades can lead to a loss of extremities, deep cuts and even death on New York construction sites.

New York construction workers have one of the most dangerous occupations anywhere. In addition to working with heavy machinery, construction workers must handle dangerous tools, such as saws and cutting blades on a daily basis. When a cutting blade or saw is defective or used improperly, the consequences can be devastating.

The injuries stemming from New York saw and cutting blade accidents are often serious; the sharp properties of these tools can lead to deep lacerations, loss of limbs and loss of fingers or toes. When a saw or cutting blade accident leads to a loss of the hands or fingers or other dismemberment, the construction worker may never be able to return to work. He or she may also be faced with a pile of costly medical bills stemming from subsequent treatment and care to prevent infection. In the most serious cases, saw and cutting blade accidents can even lead to death.

Saw and Cutting Blade Injuries and New York Accident Lawyers

On New York construction sites, defective equipment can lead to saw and cutting blade accidents. This can be due to negligence on the part of the manufacturer, or the failure of others to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained according to OSHA safety standards. Additionally, lack of workplace safety training can lead to a higher incidence rate of these kinds of injuries, something that contractors, construction company managers, and property owners are supposed to supervise. An experienced New York construction injury lawyer will investigate the conditions of the workplace and the equipment that caused the injury to determine if negligence occurred.

If you have been injured in a construction saw or cutting blade accident, our New York accident attorneys may be able to recover the compensation you need to stay financially stable while out of work. Fill out our FREE case evaluation today to speak with a construction accident lawyer.

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