New York Heavy Equipment and Machinery Accidents Lawyer

Heavy equipment accidents are a leading cause of workplace injuries in New York

New York construction workers are constantly at risk for injury due to the presence of heavy equipment, including cranes, on construction sites. In fact, heavy machinery and mechanized equipment accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States. Even when heavy construction equipment is operated carefully by properly trained workers, a worker using the equipment can experience mishap and failure, especially if it is overused or improperly maintained. Product defects can also be the cause of New York City heavy machinery accidents on construction sites. When cranes, forklifts, ladders, power tools, scaffolding, backhoes, and hoists are improperly designed or manufactured, construction workers are put at great risk for injury. Lack of proper instructions or safety warnings, co-worker negligence, and inadequate supervision by the construction company are additional factors that may contribute to heavy equipment accidents. Accidents involving heavy equipment are often catastrophic and can result in death or a life-altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury or loss of a limb.

Heavy Machinery Accidents and New York Injury Lawyers

Regular maintenance of construction equipment is required by law according to OSHA safety regulations. Supervisors and other individuals responsible for the construction site and its workers (such as property owners, construction company owners, and contractors), must take specific steps to ensure different pieces of equipment function properly, are used safely, and do not pose undue risk to workers. This can include outfitting equipment with safety warnings, training workers on the use of machines, ensuring that safety precautions are taken by workers around the machines, and having equipment serviced regularly.

Failure to perform the above duties could be considered negligence. If a worker is injured in a New York mechanized equipment accident due to another's negligence, there may be grounds for a lawsuit to recover compensation for medical bills, lost time form work, and pain and suffering. A New York construction accident attorney can review an injury victim's case in light of the applicable laws and determine if pursuing a lawsuit is in the client's best interest.

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