NYC Construction Accident Lawyers for Defective Power Tool Injuries

Were You Injured by a Faulty Power Saw, Welder, Drill or Other Tool?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, close to 400,000 people are treated every year in emergency rooms for power tool injuries. Out of that number, approximately 200 die from their injuries.

Power tool designers, manufacturers and marketers have an obligation to make sure their products are safe for use on construction sites and other places. At the minimum, they are required to provide adequate warnings about the potential dangers associated with the tool. If you were injured by defective construction equipment or from false representations made by the manufacturer, you may have a case to recover financial compensation for your losses.

Other serious injuries may occur when someone tampers with a power tool. For instance, a supervisor may decide to remove a guard on a saw because he or she believes it will allow a worker to perform his or her job faster. Speed vs. Safety, never a scenario that plays out well for the worker. The worker is later injured when he or she loses control of the saw and cuts his or her hand or finger. The guard, if properly placed, would have avoided this serious consequence.

At Block O'Toole & Murphy, our New York power tool attorneys handle all types of defective power tool lawsuits, including ones that involve:

  • Table-mounted or hand-held power saws
  • Nail guns
  • Power sanders
  • Welding or cutting torches
  • Power drills
  • Grinders, polishers or buffers
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Extension cords

Taking Prompt Action to Pursue Maximum Compensation

Block O'Toole & Murphy's lawyers act swiftly in defective power tool lawsuits. Working with mechanics, engineers and other experts, we will diligently research the manufacturing and design process of the tool, investigate the company's history of product liability claims and evaluate the manufacturer's response to product safety issues. We will also examine whether any job site workers made the power tool unsafe for you to use.

While some defective tool claims will end in a settlement, our New York City injury attorneys are not lawyers who resort to a quick settlement. We prepare every case like it will be decided in the courtroom by a jury. We have years of experience litigating cases, recovering more than $1 billion* in both verdicts and settlements on behalf of our injured clients. That is experience that you just can't discount.

Call The Recognized Attorneys for Construction Accidents in New York

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