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Crane Accident Examples From NYC Crane Accident Lawyers

To Understand  The Impact of Crane Accidents You Need a Top New York Attorney

Crane accidents can be attention-grabbing. The crane that collapsed during Hurricane Sandy on an NYC high-rise apartment building and crane fatalities that happened during construction of the World Trade Center received a lot of media attention. However, less spectacular crane accidents occur frequently throughout the country and the world, rarely grabbing headlines. But, make no mistake, the impact of a crane accident, because of the stakes involved, will be a very significant one for the victims, their families, co-workers and the communities where the people involved lived. Undoubtedly, there will be many questions after enduring such a trying experience. What should you do?

Call Our NYC Law Firm To Learn About Your Rights After A Crane Accident

At the New York law firm of Block O’Toole & Murphy, our experienced construction accident attorneys are highly knowledgeable about crane accidents and the injuries and fatalities they cause. If you or a loved one were injured in a crane accident, or, if someone you know was killed in a crane accident, please call us at 212-736-5300 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to learn about your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and losses. You may also want to consider bringing a wrongful death action if someone you are close to was killed in a crane accident.

Attorneys Who Understand The Construction Industry And Stay Aware Of Crane Accidents

Being knowledgeable about the construction industry in general and crane accidents in particular means staying on top of news and information related to this topic. It also means understanding New York’s intricate labor laws. Our NYC crane accident lawyers review the literature, the seminal cases and read reports of crane accidents occurring worldwide to stay current on the types and brands of cranes in use. We also have the largest number of attorneys serving on the New York State Labor Law Committee, the group trusted with the responsibility of preserving and promoting the laws that protect construction workers and crane accident victims in New York State.

Examples Of Crane Accidents

In 2013, industry sources and news stories reported the following accidents involving cranes:

  • Tele crawler crane in Germany overturns
  • Boom lift in Montana strands worker
  • Three-axle truck crane in China falls into sinkhole
  • Rough terrain crane in Massachusetts overturns
  • Self-erecting tower crane catches fire in British Columbia
  • Boom truck crane collapses in Michigan
  • Articulated crane with 50-ton capacity overturns in Switzerland
  • Aerial lift causes worker’s electrocution after hitting power lines
  • Crawler-crane boom drops onto road, crushing parked car in Malaysia

Although few of the incidents listed above caused serious injuries or fatalities, statistics show that cranes continue to be sources of injury and death. In the first half of 2013, for example, there were 28 fatalities involving boom lifts, scissor lifts, and vehicle-mounted lifts worldwide. They were caused by overturning, falls from platforms, entrapment, electrocution and impact with an aerial lift, according to the website Of the 28 deaths reported, 13 occurred in the United States.

Call A New York City Crane Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury or a loved one died as a result of a crane accident, learn about your legal options.  Contact the crane accident lawyers at Block O’Toole Murphy, one of New York’s pre-eminent construction injury law firms, for a FREE, no-obligation consultation about your rights.  Serving Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and all of New York City and NY State.

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