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Falling from heights commonly cause of construction accidents

Falls from heights are a major type of construction accident in New York City and nationwide. The types of construction accidents involving falls from heights are wide and varied. One example occurred recently in another state when four construction workers were injured at a site where they were building an addition to an existing building.

The construction company running the project was placing trusses on top of the new stud walls when a wind gust reportedly swooped down and made the trusses give way. The four injured construction workers were on top of 10-foot walls when the trusses collapsed, causing them to fall 10 to 12 feet and become trapped under the trusses. Responders had to cut the trusses up to get people out, according to reports.

The four men were taken to hospitals with possibly serious injuries. One of them suffered a loss of memory and all reportedly had head trauma of one kind or another. The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has opened an investigation regarding the incident. Its intent will be to discover if any safety measures were violated in causing the accident. When such accidents occur, each injured worker is entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.

Costs of any rehabilitative therapy must also be paid by the employer through its workers' comp carrier. However, in many instances in New York City and elsewhere, damages over and above the workers' compensation limits may be recovered if there is a third party totally or partially at fault in causing the event. The important thing for the victims at this point is to obtain timely and necessary medical care, and to file all necessary documents for workers' compensation. At the same time, the workers can obtain a free consultation from a personal injury firm that specializes in construction accidents.

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