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Construction worker injured while dodging a crane at worksite

One of the facts of the construction industry in New York City is that some contractors operate on the borderline of safety and in repeated work conditions that are dangerous to their workers. Recently, a construction worker in the city was injured while trying to dodge a crane at such a construction site. He tripped and fell when trying to move out of the way of the crane.

The construction site has been plagued with a string of complaints about dangerous work conditions, according to city officials. The initial story that was reported was that an I-beam fell on the worker and crushed him, but that turned out to be incorrect, per a spokesman from the city Department of Buildings. The work site, located on 701 Seventh Ave., is going to be a Marriott Hotel.

One of the prior incidents occurred in May 2016 when a crane cable was reportedly dangling over the street and causing traffic disruptions. About a month later, a vehicle operator who was waiting for traffic near the site reported a damaged windshield. In September, a worker cut his finger with a saw and another suffered injuries from a steel beam reportedly falling on his foot. In October and November, several workers cut their hands and others were injured from tripping on planks.

In March 2016, a New York City Department of Buildings report stated that the construction site seemed unsafe. Although workers’ compensation is sometimes the only remedy for an injured worker, that rule can occasionally be circumvented where the employer is flagrantly exposing the workers to dangerous conditions. When a construction worker is injured on the work site under these circumstances, he or she may benefit from a consultation with an experienced attorney who handles personal injury claims for workers in the city.

Source:, “Worker Hurt While Dodging Crane at Accident-Plagued Hotel Site, City Says“, Aidan Gardiner, March 23, 2017