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Look Out Below!


We have spent many hours over the years pursuing the rights of construction accident victims and writing posts about them for the benefit of the general public in New York City. 

Many of our posts have covered the threats above us, including falling objects, ladder accidents, scaffold accidents, and crane accidents. An often overlooked threat reared its ugly head earlier this week, so we believe this is a good time to remind you to focus on what’s underneath you. 

Let us explain. 

On December 21, fire trucks and ambulances rushed to 221 West 29th St. after “a report of someone who fell in a hole” at a construction site, according to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY).

More than a half hour later, emergency crews were able to free the man from hole and transport him to a hospital for medical treatment. Some witnesses said it appeared he had injured his legs after falling “maybe 12 feet”. 

The construction worker in this case is lucky, as he in stable condition and expected to recover fully from his injuries. Some workers are not so lucky, as their brush with a fall leads to permanent injury or death. 

Time will tell whether proper safety precautions were taken at this construction site and whether workers followed procedures. Regardless of fault, we hope this incident serves as a reminder that construction sites present just as much danger below workers as they do above workers. 

Construction workers and others who suffer an injury on or near construction sites can benefit from having proven legal representation. After all, the insurance companies did not get rich by paying a fair amount on claims. At Block O’Toole & Murphy, we have obtained over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, including those on behalf of injured construction workers and their families.