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Construction accidents involving scaffolding are quite common

In New York City and elsewhere, accidents on construction sites that involve scaffolding are quite common. When building scaffolding, construction companies are supposed to ensure that it is safe for employee use. Unfortunately, construction accidents happen because this does not always occur.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 65 percent of all constructions workers use scaffolding. As so many people use this type of equipment daily, OSHA has strict regulations regarding how it is to be designed and constructed. They are to be made from solid materials, as to offer good support. If scaffolding is unsafe in any way, it is to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Employees who are injured in scaffolding accidents have the right to utilize workers’ compensation benefits. By using these benefits, the costs of medical care, recovery, lost wages and even disability may be covered. In order to access workers’ compensation benefits, the injured employee must report the injury to his or her employer within a specific time frame. If one fails to take swift action, these benefits may be denied.

Those who do qualify for workers’ compensation benefits following construction accidents may find it difficult to get insurance companies to provide full compensation. It is a sad but true reality. Those who find themselves in such situations can seek legal assistance in fighting for full and fair coverage. With the right help, it is possible for injured employees in New York City to receive the care and financial support they need.

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