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Ruin Your Life In 4 Easy Steps

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Workplace accidents are unfortunate but they happen. No matter how safe you try to be around the warehouse, the office or the constructions site, you can't completely insulate yourself from the negligent folks and dangerous equipment that surround you.

If you find yourself on the business end of a workplace injury you have two choices. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure story.

Option 1: Improve Your Situation

This one's pretty simple. Report your injury, see a doctor and get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney who can protect your rights and make sure you have the resources you need.

Option 2: Ruin Your Life!

We wouldn't recommend it but who are we to tell you how to live? If you're hell-bent on ruining your life, follow these simple steps.

1. Don't Report Your Injury

Is it your employer's business if you got hurt at work? Of course not! Keep the injury private so there is no record of the accident or evidence to be gathered.

2. Don't Seek Medical Treatment

Only sissies go to the doctor. Just rub some dirt on it or down a few ibuprofen. It'll go away on its own and you'll be back on two feet in no time.

3. Speak To Your Employer's Insurance Company

Feel free to say things like "It's not too bad" and "It was probably my fault anyway". There's no way this will come back to hurt you. If they cut you a check for $200 even better, right?

4. Don't Talk To An Attorney

Nobody wants to be an ambulance chaser and there's no reason to get those fancy attorneys involved. If your injury keeps you from working, what's the worst that can happen? Eviction? Bankruptcy? Long-term health problems?

Please Don't Ruin Your Life.

We've spelled out exactly how you can ruin your life after a workplace injury, but it's so much simpler to go with option 1 and improve your situation. Contact Block O'Toole & Murphy for a free initial consultation. It won't cost you anything more than a bit of your time to find out how you can get the resources you need to make a full recovery.