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Crane crashes down onto Tappan Zee Bridge with only minor injuries to several

Only three people suffered minor injuries in a crane collapse on Tuesday involving the Tappan Zee Bridge. A 256-foot tall crane was reportedly using a vibratory pile-driving hammer to set up piles for the new bridge when the crane crashed down onto the existing bridge, which has been around for 62 years. The project has been going on for three years at this point, and is expected to be finish by 2018.

In addition to the three individuals who were injured in the accident, one construction worker also suffered injuries, though minor ones. Obviously, the crash could have been a lot worse than it was. According to reports, wind was not to blame for the crash. It remains to be seen whether the crash was caused by the crane, the hammer or by the crane operator. 

The incident is not the first accident that has occurred in connection with the project. Back in March, three construction crew members died when their tugboat hit a construction barge near the site of the bridge. With a project that big, there is a lot of risk of harm. Workers who suffer harm as a result of such accident, of course, need to understand their rights for compensation.

Ordinarily, workers’ compensation benefits will be available to workers who are harmed in construction projects. In some cases, it may be possible to sue the employer in court for violating legal duties associated with worksite safety. There is also the possibility that injured workers could recover compensation from third parties responsible for accidents on site. Whatever the circumstances if any case, having a strong advocate can help ensure that injured workers, or their surviving family members, are well represented in seeking the compensation they are due