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Cause For Fear: NYC Crane Mishaps Continue To Mount


The Construction Accident Lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy have oft discussed the perils associated with crane work at construction sites. The obvious dangers of crane work were further illuminated this week.

Shortly after noon on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, a crane collapsed on the Tappan Zee Bridge, injuring five people, shutting down traffic, and trapping motorists for hours.

Currently, the extent of the injuries are unknown, though officials are reporting that they are not serious. There is a caveat to make note of when reading how officials report on “serious injuries” after an accident which receives a fair share of media coverage. “Official reports” concerning the extent of injuries are frequently incorrect. In fact, they are usually flat out wrong. This is something that bears watching in the ensuing weeks and for our readers to keep in mind in the future. In the meantime, let’s hope the reports are on point but we should also keep the injured victims in our thoughts as well. The impact this collapse will have on commuters will be felt for weeks.

How did this happen again? A fair question.

The cause of the crane collapse is under investigation. The facts surrounding the cause of the collapse are thus far unknown. As the New York Daily Newsreported, Governor Cuomo stated after the accident, “We don’t know exactly what caused the malfunction… Sometimes equipment breaks and sometimes accidents happen. As simplistic as that sounds sometimes that’s all there is too it.” Still, these types of accidents rarely “just happen.” Reports suggest that investigators are zeroing in on a few likely causes to explain the reason for the crane collapse. We will stay on top of this.

Crane collapses have become a hot topic in the news in recent years, and New York juries are beginning to have their voices heard on the issue. In fact, just one year ago, a jury awarded a total of more than $96 million to those injured in a 2008 collapse accident on 91st Street in Manhattan. As we’ve reported in the past, crane accidents occur so frequently that there is a website devoted to them. Although not all crane accidents result in injuries or deaths- in most instances, only chance separates disasters from minor incidents.

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