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The Dangers Above You

Are you reading this from your home or office in New York City?

NYC is the midst of a possibly unprecedented construction boom. Chances are you can hear the sounds of construction right now if you crack open your window or step foot out your front door.

Step outside and look around you. You're likely to see some form of construction or renovation going on.

Take a walk down the nearest sidewalk and look up. Chances are you see the underside of a scaffold, workers on a ladder, or cranes being operated.

What you're seeing above you represents a booming real estate market and economic development. It also represents danger when this equipment is being designed, constructed or operated by negligent individuals or corporations.

Collapsed scaffolding, falls off of ladders, objects being dropped, crane collapses and falling debris are legitimate concerns when so much construction is going on, particularly when it is being done at a pace that lends itself to cutting corners.

At Block O'Toole & Murphy, we sincerely hope you never encounter any of these dangers. But, if tragedy occurs, we can help you recover the resources you need to get back on your feet.

Look around and stay safe out there.