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Fall Prevention Week Focuses on Reducing Construction Accidents

The New York City lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy often focus on the different ways to reduce the number of construction falls in the workplace. This week they join the United States Department of Labor and O.S.H.A. in the annual National Safety Stand-Down.

The National Fall Prevention Stand-Down is a week-long effort to raise awareness about the dangers of construction work and how frequently the perils associated with construction work stem from work related falls. The purpose of the Fall Prevention Week is to focus on preventing fall hazards in construction. Why the focus on falls? Fall-related fatalities continue to be the leading cause of death at construction sites. So, this effort is about saving lives.

O.S.H.A. is hoping that the stand-down will be part of the education process, compelling bosses and workers to discuss and confront this ever-present safety issue. They want employers to talk directly with employees about safety. They are not suggesting that this discussion needs to be confined to a classroom setting; rather it can occur at a toolbox or safety meeting. The goal is to have 25,000 employers and a half-million workers unite to increase awareness about construction site falls. If awareness of the problem can lead to better planning, preparation and protection, then it will make jobsites safer. It will, in turn, lead to people being more comfortable that they are working in a safe environment. More workers will be able to earn a living, support their families and get to go home at the end of their shift. It certainly beats the alternative of serious injury or death as a result of a construction fall from a height. Let’s see if everyone can get on the same page on something that really matters: worker safety.

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