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Light Should Reduce Car Accidents at Dangerous Brooklyn Intersection

After neighborhood residents complained, the New York City Department of Transportation recently installed a new traffic light at a dangerous intersection in the Bedford- Stuyvesant neighborhood.

People in the area had complained about the danger of the corner of Taaffe Place and Willoughby Avenue. The intersection has limited site lines and heavy traffic heading east on Willoughby.

The city agreed with the neighborhood’s Community Board after conducting a traffic study. This is the second time the city has changed traffic in the area in the past 12 months. City workers switched the direction of one-way traffic on Taaffe Place to reduce congestion last October. Unfortunately, they neglected to tell residents, causing a morning of traffic chaos because drivers were unaware of the change.

Some residents submitted a petition to the Board after they witnessed two crashes on the same day at the notorious corner. There have been 19 collisions since August of 2011, according to the website Crashmapper. The problem was in large part the result of bad sight lines because of parked cars on the corner of Willoughby Avenue. Cars would pull into the intersection before making right turns, leaving them exposed to oncoming traffic.

Neighborhood residents believe that the new light will make the streets safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Source: Dnainfo, DOT Installs Traffic Light at Dangerous Bed-Stuy Intersection, Apr. 4, 2014.