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Fall Protection Emphasized at One World Trade Center

Rarely has construction work received international attention but the work at One World Trade in downtown Manhattan has transcended all of our past experiences. Indeed, as the work winds down, there are media reports about “all things” One World Trade. One of the issues being followed is the elaborate ‘Fall Protection Systems’ being installed atop this iconic and symbolic building.

The construction accident attorneys from Block O’Toole & Murphy, along with the link below, bring you some important details about the project and the significance of fall protection for construction workers.

Any worker that works at an elevated height – – whether on a skyscraper or an A Frame ladder – – is exposed to specific hazards that could lead to an accidental loss of balance and potentially result in a fall. Fall protection is important because falls from an elevated work area are among the most common causes of serious work related injuries and the leading cause of work related deaths. Falls can occur from many different work areas, including platforms, elevated work stations, like ladders and scaffolds, rooftops, during window washing and from buildings and other structures.

Obviously the altitude of a skyscraper makes this a life or death discussion. Unpredictable things like weather or the health of a worker are factors that come into play. For instance, rain can create a slippery surface or extreme heat can cause workers to lose their faculties. Falling debris or tools can also occur and cause serious accidents. Exposure to holes and walking surfaces also can lead to a serious accident.

Fall protection systems can present in many different ways. The system installed at One World Trade will be far more elaborate than most. However, the focus remains, no matter the job, on protecting workers and keeping job sites safe. Fall protection saves lives and should be embraced at any elevated work site.

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