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Aerial Lifts: Dangerous But Necessary At Most Construction Sites

Aerial lifts, a common device used at a construction site to elevate workers, pose specific dangers for workers:

An aerial lift-whether it is extendable or articulating boom platform or a vertical tower- should only be utilized by an experienced and well-trainer worker. Operators of an aerial lift should be well aware of the hazards and how to deftly avoid them. Experience, training, sound equipment and proper planning can virtually eliminate accidents. What should a worker consider before operating an aerial lift?

  • Inspect the area and the device
  • Confirm stability in the work zone
  • Make sure the load does not exceed capacity
  • Avoid climbing on or leaning on a guardrail
  • Wear appropriate fall-protecting devices like a harness or lifeline
  • Be cognizant of all overhead objects or structures
  • Confirm that you are working on a solid surface

The construction accident attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy are all too familiar with the perils associated with work at elevated heights. Falls at construction sites make up far too many of the work place accidents yielding serious injuries. Our personal injury trial attorneys have a track record of success helping the seriously injured. We fight because we care. To learn more about the work injury lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy you can consult the firm website at or call 212-736-5300 for a free consultation.