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Politicians Demand Tougher Regulations by The Department of Transportation Amid Tragic Death of East Harlem Student

In response to the tragic death of 6 year old Amar Diarrassouba, several politicians gathered outside P.S. 155 demanding tougher regulations to protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic. The tragedy unfolded last week when 6 year old Amar was struck and killed by a tractor trailer at an intersection in East Harlem while walking to school.

The incident brings to the forefront deficiencies in safety regulations that protect pedestrians, including the lack of "pedestrian interval signals", which give pedestrians crossing the street enough time to reach the safety of the sidewalk before the traffic signal turns green for vehicular traffic. Incredibly, out of the 145 "pedestrian interval signals" that exist, only two are in East Harlem.

It also is of great intrigue whether the crossing guard that was scheduled to be there and failed to show up for work will be charged. For calling in sick? No. For not calling in, thus leading officials to believe the intersection was covered by an adult when in reality it was a deathtrap. Then, after learning of the accident, the local crossing guard showed up at the scene and allegedly tried to mislead investigators by claiming she was on a bathroom break. Time will tell whether law enforcement views this as a crime or just a real good reason to fire a city employee. Nonetheless, a senseless loss of life has occurred.

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