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Fortunately, New York State law protects construction workers and requires owners and general contractors to employ appropriate safety devices to keep workers free from injury. OSHA and the Department of Buildings also perform frequent inspections of construction sites, especially those utilizing tower cranes, which are abundant in New York. The law and the various State and Federal regulatory agencies also require crane workers to be trained and certified before being permitted to operate these cranes. Despite the safeguards in place, many crane collapse accidents still occur at construction sites throughout New York. The consequences in a crane collapse are too often catastrophic. The laws need to remain strong so that safety remains a paramount issue at the workplace.

Whether you are a worker that was involved in a construction crane accident, a worker that wants to learn about the laws protecting you at work or a friend or family member of an injured worker that was victimized in a crane accident, below is a summary of the laws that apply to crane accidents brought to you by the construction accident lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy, one of New York’s premier construction accident law firms. You can learn more by reviewing our website at or the construction blog that regularly is published on our website.

New York State Labor Law §240 is the main statute that protects workers who are exposed to elevation and gravity-related risks inherent to construction sites, especially those on which cranes are used. Under this statute and the caselaw that has applied it over the years, it is well settled that an owner and general contractor of a construction site are strictly liable for injuries sustained by a worker where the owner or general contractor fails to provide properly constructed, placed or operated safety devices to a worker where there is a height differential between the worker and the ground or the worker and an object or load. Accidents involving falling or collapsing cranes or objects being hoisted by cranes fall into this category. The purpose of Labor Law §240 is to afford maximum protection to construction site workers from injury and place responsibility for safety squarely on the owners and general contractors, who are in the best position to bear that responsibility and provide that protection. The bottom line is that if you are hurt at work, usually, it is the responsibility of the property owner and general contractor to provide a worker with a safe place to work. If injured at a construction site, particularly a crane accident, you need to consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer that is capable of holding the responsible parties accountable for your injuries and income loss.

The construction accident lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy fight to protect the rights of those injured, or tragically killed, in construction crane-related accidents. We are committed to helping injured construction workers and their families during a very difficult time. Our clients appreciate the care, attention and expertise we bring to their cases. Our attorneys not only have extensive

knowledge and experience in this area of law, but are at the forefront of the laws’ changes and developments. If a worker is injured or killed, the law permits injured workers or family members of a killed worker to seek compensation for their significant losses, including medical expenses, wages lost, and past and future pain and suffering. Block O’Toole & Murphy works to maximize our clients’ recovery under the law and to bring comfort, support and relief to their sad stories.