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Construction of New Home on the Rise; Hopefully the Committment to Safety Follows Suit

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

In a positive sign for the housing market, construction on new homes jumped 15% this past September according to the Commerce Department.

The pace is the best the nation has had since the mortgage crisis and subsequent economic collapse in 2008.

In addition to the direct benefits to the housing market, the building of new homes can also serve to boost the economy in general.

It is imperative that in the wake of new construction that the safety of those employed on these job sites remain paramount. While economic growth is at the forefront of the collective American mindset it is crucial that the safety of those working on the frontlines is not sacrificed in the process. Too often the profits of general contractors and property owners are placed ahead of the basic safety needs of those performing the construction. Frequently workers find themselves injured because they were not given the proper safety equipment or devices needed to safely carry out the task at hand. Common safety devices like harnesses, yo-yo’s, ladders, scaffolds, if properly working and suited for the specific job, save lives. However, the consequences can be fatal when these safety devices are not provided or improperly used. When an owner or general contractor cuts corners, the resulting consequences can lead to deadly injuries to a hardworking employee. That fails to even consider the residual effects on a worker’s family. When safety standards are not met, the law provides for those responsible to be held accountable to ensure full and fair compensation to the injured worker. In New York, Labor Law §240 serves as the primary source of legal protection for workers that are victims of construction site safety negligence. It holds owners and general contractors 100% responsible for failures to maintain a safe place to work for the construction workers at a construction site.

Block O’Toole & Murphy, LLP, a longtime friend to all injured workers, is a law firm that specializes in protecting the rights of injured construction workers. The firm, which has recorded well over a half billion dollars for injured victims, routinely recovers significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured workers.

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