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Construction Worker Rescued from Cave-In

A construction worker has been rescued after a structural collapse resulted in a cave-in, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. A construction site in East Harlem turned chaotic when a trench collapsed, trapping a construction worker shoulder-deep in debris for over an hour. Con Edison and the FDNY finally rescued the man with two Con Ed trucks and a pulley rigged onto the building s wall. The 30-year-old construction worker was taken to Harlem Hospital for evaluation, and is considered in serious but stable condition.

FDNY Deputy Chief Daniel Donoghue said that “It was a wall of dirt that collapsed on him” after the hole he was working in collapsed and became deeper. He screamed for help and attracted the attention of the superintendent of a nearby building, who frantically tried to dig him out. When the FDNY arrived they were unable to dig the man out quickly, and received some help from Con Edison’s vactor truck, which holds a massive vacuum that is normally used to suck dirt from manholes. Rescuers reported that they believed the building’s foundation was being prepped for waterproofing when the collapse occurred. The New York Department of Buildings sent investigators to the scene.

A construction accident could put a worker or bystander out of work for a considerable amount of time, prevent him or her from ever performing physical labor again, and could result in life-threatening and lasting injuries. If a construction accident is deemed to be the fault of a company or another individual s negligence, you may be entitled to receive remuneration for your injuries. Contact a dedicated New York construction accident lawyer to see if you could possibly recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.


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