Welding accidents on construction sites can cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Thousands of construction workers are seriously injured or killed every year in welding accidents. Welding torches and tanks are extremely dangerous, and even experienced welders can suffer injuries when equipment fails. Ultraviolet radiation burns, eye injuries, tank explosion injuries, and inhalation of toxic fumes are among the injuries that can result from welding accidents.

In order to prevent New York welding accidents, general contractors, contractors and other employers who are responsible for worker safety on a construction site should inspect the work area regularly to ensure that all fuel and ignition sources are isolated. Welders should be provided with the necessary protective equipment, including a face shield, a leather welder's vest and gloves. In addition, welding and equipment should be inspected before each use and leak tests should be performed on gas torches, gauges and hoses.

Accident Lawyers for New York Welding Injuries

If a welding accident occurs on a New York construction site, it may be due to the negligence of one or more individuals who are responsible for the safety of the worksite. Specific OSHA regulations and New York labor laws dictate the training, safety protocol, and equipment maintenance necessary to help prevent welding accidents. Failure to abide by these could constitute negligence and make the responsible parties liable for workers' injuries when a welding accident occurs. Experienced New York construction accident lawyers can investigate the facts of each case to determine if negligence contributed to an accident and, if so, by whom.

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