New York Construction TRIP AND FALL ACCIDENT Lawyer

New York construction site tripping accidents can lead to serious injuries involving the brain, spinal cord and joints.

New York construction law requires that all employers provide their workers with a safe construction site FREE of tripping hazards. Unfortunately, tripping accidents are still one of the leading causes of injuries for construction workers.

Construction workers often carry heavy objects and work on dangerous equipment. Failing to rid construction sites of debris, ice, grease, and other tripping hazards can increase the chance of serious, life-threatening injuries. Many New York construction site tripping accidents stem from:

  • Slipping on grease, oil and similar liquids
  • Slipping on ice
  • Tripping on debris left around by other construction workers
  • Tripping down stairways
  • Tripping over wires, tools and other construction site equipment

New York Construction Site Trip and Fall Lawyers

Tripping accidents on New York construction sites can lead to a variety of injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain damage. These injuries may lead to costly medical bills, time away from work that amounts to lost wages, and a severe drop in a victim's quality of life. However, these damages may be compensated for by pursuing a New York construction injury lawsuit.

It is the responsibility of the owners of a property or construction site to ensure that the people working on the premises are reasonably safe from harm. If these individuals fail to perform their duty of care to workers and passersby, the resulting injuries may be considered their responsibility. This is known as negligence in construction accident lawsuits. An experienced New York injury lawyer can review the applicable safety regulations and investigate the construction site to determine if a trip or slip and fall injury should have been prevented. If you have been injured in a tripping accident on a construction site, fill out our FREE case evaluation form. Our New York construction accident attorneys have years of experience handling claims from injured construction workers and may be able to recover damages for your construction site injuries.