Dropped Loads from Trucks or Cranes Injury Attorney in New York

"Significant and serious injuries may occur if cranes are not inspected before use and if they are not used properly. Often these injuries occur when a worker is struck by an overhead load or caught within the crane's swing radius." — Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

In addition to construction site falls, another leading cause of construction site deaths involves workers being struck by objects or dropped loads from trucks or cranes in New York. According to OSHA, approximately 75 percent of struck-by fatalities involve heavy equipment such as trucks or cranes.

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Preventing Injuries From Dropped Loads

To prevent injuries due to dropped loads from cranes or trucks on construction sites, follow these OSHA recommendations:

  • Check all crane controls to insure proper operation.
  • Inspect wire rope, chains and hooks for any damage.
  • Know the weight of the load and make sure it does not exceed the crane's rated capacity.
  • Raise the load a few inches to verify balance and the brake system's effectiveness.
  • Check all rigging prior to use, and do not wrap hoist ropes or chains around the load.
  • Fully extend outriggers.
  • Never move a load over workers.
  • Barricade accessible areas within the crane's swing radius.
  • Watch for overhead lines and maintain a safe clearance of at least 10 feet from energized electrical lines.

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