New York Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

NYC Accident Attorneys Representing Workers With Serious Injuries from Scaffolding Falls

When scaffolds are erected or used incorrectly, construction workers may be at risk for serious falls. According to OSHA, protecting construction workers from scaffold accidents would prevent 4500 injuries and 50 deaths every year.

Preventing Scaffolding Injuries

  • The scaffold must be able to support its own weight, plus four times the maximum intended load.
  • The scaffold must be erected on solid footing.
  • Scaffolds should not be moved, erected or changed without informing an appropriate supervisor.
  • The scaffold must contain guardrails, midrails and toeboards.
  • Scaffold accessories such as ladders or braces that are damaged should be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Rope used to suspend the scaffold must be protected from heat-producing sources.
  • Scaffolds must be at least 10 feet from electrical power lines.
  • Rigging on suspension scaffolds should be inspected by an appropriate construction supervisor before every shift.