New York Ladder Accident Attorneys

NYC Construction Accident Lawyers Representing Workers Injured from Ladder and Stairway Accidents

Ladders and stairways are another leading cause of injuries and fatalities on construction sites. OSHA reports that each year nearly 25,000 construction workers are injured from falls on stairways or ladders. Nearly 50% of these injuries required time away from work.

Preventing Ladder & Stairway Injuries

  • Use the appropriate ladder for each task
  • Allow an appropriate supervisor to inspect each ladder before use to identify defects including:
    • Structural damage, missing rungs, steps or cleats, split or bent side rails
    • Grease or dirt
    • Paint or stickers that may hide possible defects
  • Ensure ladders are long enough to reach the work area
  • Place "Do Not Use" tags on ladders that are damaged or need to be repaired
  • Do not load ladders beyond maximum capacity
  • Make sure the ladder can support the weight of the worker, as well as any necessary tools
  • Do not use ladders with metallic components near electrical wires or power lines
  • Eliminate hazardous objects and debris from stairways and walkways
  • Clean up slippery conditions on stairways and walkways immediately
  • Ensure treads cover the entire step and landing
  • Stairways that have four or more risers or those rising more than 30 inches need at least one handrail