New York Chemical Hazard & Accident Prevention Guide

Failure to recognize chemical hazards on the construction site can lead to injuries and even death. Construction workers who are not protected from chemical hazards are at risk for chemical burns, respiratory illness, explosions and fires.

Preventing Hazardous Material Injuries

  • Create a Material Safety Data Sheet for every chemical on site
  • Allow employees to easily access Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Inform workers on how to read and use Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to handle dangerous chemicals
  • Inform workers on the hazards of each chemical
  • Keep clean-up kits in spaces where chemicals are stored
  • Inform workers on how to use clean-up kits and dispose of hazardous chemicals
  • Provide protective equipment for handling chemicals
  • Safely store chemicals
  • Provide a written spill control plan