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Pedestrian Accidents Are Growing At An Alarming Rate

The lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy have been saying it for some time now: Something has to change with the way we are seeking to prevent and prosecute pedestrian accidents. Why? Nearly 400 pedestrians lost their lives since 2012 in New York City. Think about the staggering number of lives taken away from their families without warning.

As trial lawyers, we see the way a pedestrian accident can change lives and devastate a family. After all, we have helped families try to move forward with their lives after serious pedestrian crashes. For example, our firm has obtained a $32,756,156 verdict, a $12,000,000 settlement and a $8,800,000 settlement for pedestrian crashes. Now, the New York Post has published an opinion piece that echoes what we have been saying. The piece really crystallizes the problem, using glaring statistics to make the point. It is worth a read.

Last year, 29 New Yorkers fell victim to a murderer they didn’t know, The Post reports. That same year, 174 pedestrians fell victim to death by a driver they didn’t know. No wonder middle-class moms are more worried about reckless drivers than about reckless shooters.

We need to do a better job protecting our pedestrians and bicyclists. New York is a walking town. When New Yorkers don’t feel safe crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk it will paralyze this city; the impact will be similar to the way people’s feelings about crime consumed New Yorkers in the early ’90’s.

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