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$2,100,000 for Pedestrian Accident Victim Who Suffered Severe Head Injuries

Supreme Kings

Plaintiff was a 28 year old (seasonally unemployed) marine mechanic

Plaintiff was a pedestrian struck (outside of a crosswalk) by a vehicle that left the scene of the accident. The defendant operator claimed that he left the scene of the accident because he was afraid of the plaintiff. The defendant claimed that the Plaintiff had walked directly into the car’s path of travel, causing the car to stop. The defendant then claimed that the plaintiff climbed onto the hood of the car and began banging on the windshield. The defendant claimed that he then moved his car to the left causing the Plaintiff to roll off the car. The plaintiff admitted that he had been arguing with his girlfriend in the moments immediately prior to the accident about his consumption of alcohol and his refusal to leave a bar. The accident occurred at 3:30 a.m. The Plaintiff acknowledged one DWI conviction prior to the within accident and one subsequent thereto. The Plaintiff has since received treatment for alcohol abuse and is sober as of the time of this submission’s writing.

The Plaintiff sustained massive head injuries including multiple skull fractures and a subdural hematoma which required a craniotomy. The Plaintiff was in a chemically induced coma for three weeks and required two months of rehabilitation thereafter. He returned to work eight months after the accident and now works full time.


This matter was handled by Daniel P. O’Toole

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