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$1,500,000 for Female Pedestrian

$1,500,000 for 85 year-old Female Pedestrian Who Suffered a Tramautic Brain Injury After Being Struck By A Van

Court and County

Supreme Court, Bronx County

Accident Description

This accident occurred when our client was crossing a roadway in the Bronx and was struck by a van making a left turn. Our client had no memory of the accident due to retrograde amnesia and cognitive injuries caused by the head injuries she suffered in the accident. We alleged based on the Police Report that she was crossing the street within the crosswalk with the pedestrian walk signal in her favor.

Injury Summary

As a result of the accident, our client suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging which led to a neurocognitive disorder that affected her long-term and short-term memory. Due to her injuries she also required surgery to have a shunt inserted into her brain to relieve intracranial pressure and swelling. We made claims on behalf of our client for past and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life because, while she recovered well from her head and brain injuries, her cognitive function never recovered and she developed severe dementia.

We were able to secure a pre-trial settlement of $1,500,000.

Handling Attorneys

This case was handled by Daniel P. O’Toole and Frederick C. Aranki.

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