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Truck accidents involving rear-end collisions can be deadly

The combination of two tractors-trailers, a car and a pickup truck can spell deadly results if they are part of a chain-reaction crash. Truck accidents with cars and smaller vehicles occur on busy New York roadways with some frequency. One of the latest incidents occurred Dec. 27 on the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York City in an early morning tragedy that took three lives and injured five others.  

The problem started when one of the tractor-trailers was forced by traffic conditions to stop in the middle land of the highway. A pickup truck came to a stop behind the 18-wheeler. A second tractor-trailer, traveling in the same direction, did not stop and crashed into the pickup and another car, causing a chain-reaction.

The pickup truck ended up being crushed and wedged under the second tractor-trailer. Three of the five occupants of the pickup were killed and two others were hospitalized with serious injuries. The car driver was also seriously injured. At this point, the police have not made any charges and are still investigating. If the reported facts are accurate, the second tractor-trailer operator was apparently driving carelessly and did not keep a proper lookout on the road ahead.

Those who cause rear-end collisions in truck accidents like this one are almost always found to be negligent. It also does not appear, based on the reported facts, that any of the other vehicles shared the fault. The estates of the three decedents have wrongful death civil actions for monetary damages against the second tractor-trailer driver and his employer. The passengers and the car operator are also entitled to bring personal injury claims against the liable parties under the laws of the state and of New York City.

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