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Manhattan Bus Crash Injures 18

Monday, August 29th, 2016


A Sunday crash in Manhattan involving a bus carrying several defenseless, disabled patients and two other vehicles injured as many as 18 people. The crash took place late afternoon on the busy FDR Drive, causing massive logjams for weekenders trying to make their way back to New York City. Those involved were rushed by emergency personnel to local hospitals.

Bus accidents are far less frequent than crashes involving cars in most places. But in New York City – a place where people tend to rely on public transportation far more often than personal vehicles – bus accidents take place more often.

Why? Buses can be more convenient than traveling in a personal car that is parked and maintained in New York City. They are easily more economical than a personal car. People who drive infrequently sometimes view buses as a safer alternative than driving themselves if they are an inexperienced driver.

Make no mistake, though, bus accidents do happen and when they occur, the consequences can be very severe. Some of the causes of serious bus accidents occur because of the nature of where the bus is being operated: New York City.

There are more cars, more congestion, less room on the roads and sometimes challenging weather. Also, the roads can sometimes present problems for buses. Potholes are common in New York City because of the volume of vehicles that travel our streets. This is not a problem you see too often in Burlington, Vermont.

Other Factors Leading To Bus Crashes Can Include

  • Poor bus maintenance
  • Failure to replace or repair faulty parts
  • Inexperienced bus drivers
  • Flawed training
  • Human error

Some bus accidents involve collisions but that is not all. Bus accidents can occur when a bus leaves while passengers are not seated or prepared for the bus to leave. They can also occur when a passenger is carelessly let off a bus or even when a passenger gets on a bus. The spectrum of injuries a person can suffer if they are involved in a bus crash or bus accident is a wide one. They can be very serious, including death, paralysis or spine damage. They can also involve minor injuries like sprains, strains or bruising.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks who were injured in the FDR bus crash over the weekend.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a bus crash or bus accident in New York City and would like to share your experience we would love to hear from you here.


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