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MTA Is Ordered To Pay Out After Crash

Accountability: "the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility."

Without accountability, our society crumbles. People, corporations and government entities alike must take responsibility for their actions and attempt to right their wrongs.

When injuries occur, this can be accomplished via a personal injury settlement or jury award. This was the result for an injury victim who received a $12.5 million payout after a collision with an MTA bus.

Calvin Tarpley of Long Island received the award from a Queens jury this past Friday.

The award will provide him with the compensation he needs to recover after suffering back and neck injuries after an MTA bus crashed into his van along 188th Street in Queens.

His injuries have prevented him from returning to work as a security guard, leaving him in financial peril.

We are pleased that MTA was held accountable and wish this gentleman a full recovery.